Busier than I ever was!

You’ve probably heard of people who retire and then find themselves busier than they ever were. I am the poster boy for that right now. The last week, since I folded my newspaper tent, has been a whirlwind.

Of course, getting the new Clarion Call Blogs up and running has been job one, but there’s a lot more on my plate. A first step was a long-delayed spring cleaning of our offices. I have thrown out two truckloads of accumulated treasures that are no longer needed in a post-newspaper world.

Today, since I wasn’t putting out a newspaper for the first Tuesday in 18 years, I decided it was a good time to slap a fresh coat of paint on some of the walls to cover over 11 years of neglect. If you stop by, you’ll see we’re starting from the front of the office and working towards the back. The biggest problem will be my own back office, where another truckload of junk awaits, but we’ll save the best for last!

I’ve also been busy with several long-delayed design and printing jobs that I never seemed to find time for when the newspaper was running. I’ve also revamped our copy price list to make our copy center more competitive. Up until now we tended to look at the copy business as a bit of a distraction from the main business and so we set our prices a little high. No longer!

The copy, design and printing business is now my bread and butter and, in order to symbolize that change, I’ve also expanded the name of the business. The Clarion Copy Center is now the Clarion Color Copy Center and Graphic Design Studio. Quite a mouthful! Check out our new rate card here!

I’ve also been pounding the pavements looking for new graphic business and found a lot of interest. I think people recognize that we have learned something in 18 years in the business. So if you want to save me the trouble of hunting you down, come see me at the old CCCC&GDS!

It is perhaps fortunate that all this change is occurring during a time when the Geneseo Big Box War is in a little bit of a lull. Newman Development is working on their Draft EIS for the Geneseo Town Center project and until they finish all the work required by the Planning Boards Scope, nothing much is going to happen.

When something does break, you can count on getting the most comprehensive coverage and analysis available anywhere, right here on this site. In the meantime, Professor Lofquist is working on a new column and some other treats for you, which should be posted soon. (If only I can get him to understand that even on the web there needs to be a deadline!)

One of the funniest parts of the last week has been hearing all the rumors and conspiracy theories on “the real reason” why I sold The Clarion. What have you heard? According to my “informed” sources I was either bought off by Newman, Livingston County, or the Powers that Be in the Republican Party! I can now reveal that it was in fact all three!

See you on the blogosphere!

2 responses to “Busier than I ever was!

  1. Amanda Hugginhold

    I read on another Geneseoan’s Blog that you sold the Clarion in order to take care of a 14 year old standard poodle who sleeps all day. Is there any truth to this rumor?

  2. It’s true! Patrick is my inspiration!

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