It’s been over a month since I retired from the weekly newspaper business, but I’m still very busy downsizing my life. Many who have seen me in person lately have also commented on my new downsized body. My weight loss is now approaching 30 pounds since last fall and I have already managed to lose the five extra pounds I put on during my recent road trip.

It’s nice when people tell me that I look “10 years younger” and some have actually had trouble recognizing me! I just tell them it’s all the stress that I’ve eliminated from my life.

At the former Clarion newspaper offices at 38 Main Street in Geneseo, we have been busy getting ready for the Big Blow-Out Tag Sale that will start later this week. I have 6 desks, 5 Macintosh computers and a whole bunch of surplus office equipment and furniture that I am marking down to incredibly low prices. The sale starts at 9 a.m. and will continue during regular business hours (Mon-Fri.) until everything is gone!

Although the Clarion Color Copy Center and Graphic Design Studio will remain in business, we do not need all the extra equipment, nor do we need as much space. After the Tag Sale we will consolidate our offices into less than half of our former area, and the rest of the building (as much as 1,200 square feet) will be available for rent.

Please call my landlord Ralph Massena at 245-9919 if you are interested. Ralph is willing to do extensive remodeling for the right tenant and the Copy Center can move into either the front or the back of the building, depending on the preference of the new tenant.

Sorry to turn this week’s column into a big commercial, but there is still not much going on in the Geneseo Big Box War. Newman Development is reportedly putting together the information required for the Draft EIS and the latest estimate is they may have something by late May. By then I should be downsized to a lean, mean fighting machine!

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