Daily Archives: October 17, 2007

My so-called flip-flop

Some of my friends in the group I founded, Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo (PDDG), tell me that they are surprised by the positions I have taken lately as a candidate for Town Supervisor. Although I have been careful to say that these positions are my own, and I am not speaking for PDDG, they don’t seem to want to grant me that right.

Perhaps they wouldn’t have been so surprised by my statement that a compromise on Lowe’s may be possible if they had been paying a little more attention earlier in the campaign. I actually first made that statement in print back on July 12 in a political ad before the Republican caucus that I ran in the LC News.

That ad, which was Part I of a three-part series of ads on economic development in Geneseo, has also been available on my campaign web site for the past three months. Despite my private opinions, however, I have continued to help organize the opposition to the Lowe’s project, raise money, consult on strategy and design ads for PDDG.

Are these two positions of political candidate and PDDG organizer contradictory? Not necessarily. Throughout this long ordeal I have always had my own private opinions that at various times might not have totally coincided with the public posture of the organization.

Nevertheless, I thought it was important to build a coalition that attracted the largest possible number of anti-Lowe’s citizens to slow the project down so that better planning decisions could be made. For the most part that “Big Tent” strategy has been successful.

We have succeeded in forcing the developer to undergo a full SEQR review of the project and we have succeeded in bringing the issue before the people in an election. As a candidate, however, I have to succeed or fail on my own ideas, nobody else’s.

If I succeed in being elected, I will obviously have to resign from PDDG. Some want me to do so now, but I don’t plan to–although, as always, I welcome your comments.