Daily Archives: January 23, 2008

Following Cousin Billy

On Friday night I will be traveling to Cleveland to see the third professional basketball game of my life. The first was my hometown Philadelphia 76ers in 1965, a team that featured Wilt Chamberlain, Chet Walker, Hal Greer, Luke Jackson and sixth-man rookie Billy “The Kangaroo Kid” Cunningham. What a team!

Friday’s game, between the Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns, will also feature at least two future Hall of Famers, “King” (LaBron) James and two-time MVP Steve Nash. It should be a barn-burner!

The tickets were a Christmas gift from my son, E.T., who will be motoring up from Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio to join me at the game. As a result of this family obligation, I will not be present at the Village of Geneseo Republican Caucus Saturday morning. Accordingly, I have sent a Shermanesque e-mail to Republican Chair Paul Schmied informing him I have no interest in running for Village Justice.

I took this precaution because a number of people, probably because of my legal background, have suggested that I should run for the seat recently vacated by Judge John Linfoot. While I am flattered by the suggestion, this is probably the worst job fit for me that I could imagine.

First of all, the Village Justice must be available at all hour of the night to arraign suspects, who often do their foul deeds in the wee hours. This would never work for me. Once I go to bed, there is no way I am getting up in the middle of the night for anyone!

This is why I have steadfastly refused to take any overnight shifts driving the ambulance. I guess I just spent too many late hours putting the newspaper to bed and I’ve lost my tolerance for it.

On a more serious note, I am well aware of the severe limits on political activity that are placed on judges by the rules of Judicial Ethics. Although, in my experience, judges are the most political of animals, they are required to hide their true nature by not openly engaging in politics. Can you imagine?

Not only would I have to give up my blogging, but I would have to refrain from jumping into all other political activities: local, state or national. That would never work!

In fact, I recently signed on to help John McCain’s effort in New York for Super Tuesday– and if he becomes the nominee, I will certainly work to get him elected in the fall, especially if it is against Mrs. Clinton! BTW, if you would like to help the Senator in the primary, please drop me a line!

Oh, and about the title. It turns out that I am related to General William Tecumseh “War is Hell” Sherman, although I have never been able to figure out exactly how. I do know that we are both direct descendants of Roger Sherman of Connecticut, who was the only person to sign all four of the founding documents of our country: The Articles of Association, The Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and The U.S. Constitution.

My father’s great-grandfather was a Sherman, but this connection was something that he tried to hide when he was stationed in Georgia while serving in the U.S. Air Force at the tail-end of WWII. Seems like the folks down there hadn’t quite forgiven “Cousin Billy” for burning Atlanta and his March to the Sea!