Sticking to my knitting

In the last three election cycles I have run for office in Geneseo, but this year I am going to sit one out. There are a number of reasons for that, but the most important one is that I want to concentrate on getting my new graphic design and printing business, Genesee Graphics, off the ground.

Politics is a lot of fun, but it isn’t necessarily good for business. For one thing it takes a lot of time, at least the way I like to do it. If I were to run for village board, I would be spending most of the next two months banging on doors.

As much as I enjoy doing that, it doesn’t leave much time or energy for building up a new business. Beyond that, politics can be polarizing, and in this year of a great national election it will be even more so.

If I were to run with a party I would tick off half the people, and if I were to run as an independent, I would tick off members of both parties–not that that ever bothered me personally, but its probably not so helpful for business.

Beyond that, as pointed out by Planning Board attorney Joe Picciotti last night, there is a good likelihood that there will be litigation this year over the Newman PDD application. While I personally hope that it doesn’t come to that, I don’t want to be Pollyanna either.

If litigation does come, there is a good chance that PDDG, the organization I founded, will be in the middle of it. Not only will this be very time consuming, but it would put me in a very awkward position if I were on the village board and involved in a lawsuit against the town.

Although this may not be a real conflict of interest, it could certainly be portrayed that way by political opponents (Just ask Bill Lofquist!) Accordingly, I believe the perception that I might be involved in such litigation would hurt my electoral chances right now anyway.

So I will sit this on out, stick to my knitting and my bloggin’, and work to see that the right decisions are made by the town planning board and the town board so that litigation can be avoided. That seems like enough for one person.

As for endorsements, I will be looking to support the candidates (regardless of party) who will seriously address the three big issues in Geneseo: traffic, traffic and traffic!

And BTW, Attention candidates of all parties: See Genesee Graphics for quality designs and a good price on all your campaigning needs including brochures and lawn signs!

6 responses to “Sticking to my knitting

  1. If you can get the Lowe’s approval through without ensuing lawsuits, that will indeed by a miracle. If you can do that, I may reconsider my plan to build an ultramodern graphics and printing store on part of the remaining Frew Farm land.

  2. Who said anything about approving the Lowe’s? If the Planning Board and the Town Board follow the process and the law, they will have to reject the Lowe’s as clearly not in keeping with our underlying zoning or planning. Newman can then sue if they want, but they won’t have much of a case. As far as your threatened competition, bring it on!

  3. Phillip J. Bracchi

    The attorney realizes the “damned if we do – damned if we don’t” reality in which the Planning Board finds itself, and wants to be able to defend the Board’s decision no matter what level of jurisprudence becomes the arena. I do agree with Corrin that the “developmental shenanigans” and imaginative interpretation of the PDD law and zoning under said law makes for a weak and, ultimately, indefensible case.

    By the way, Greg, I think I’m starting to appreciate your sense of humor and soaring sense of imagination.

  4. Phillip,

    Thank you for your comment. You should see the ones I submit that get “moderated out” by the blog owner. Those are really imaginative and, perhaps in some cases, a bit humerous.

    I believe the Lowe’s proposal will be ultimately be approved and that there will be a weak and indefensible case, but, it will be by the PDDG, not Newman. Just my opinion. Let’s not get all excited here.

  5. It’s true, I do not post all of our most prolific commenter ,Greg Lamb’s posts, but usually because they are too angry, not, too humorous! I also usually edit his comments and fix the typos and misspellings, but today I’m not going to!

  6. I’ve got to stop typing with me feet. Your edits are appreciated. I see I have too many “be’s” in my prior post. Back to typing with my fingers but, I will wear gloves to keep “computer fingerprints” from appearing. I have already addressed the “footprints”.
    I don’t think my posts are angry. Agreed, they are somewhat pointed at times, but not angry. I’m just passing the time until the Lowe’s opens!

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