Daily Archives: February 27, 2008

Shame on you Hillary Clinton!

I think it’s fair to say that as a white, middle-aged, male, heterosexual Republican, I don’t fit into any of the known Pander Zones of the so-called Hillary Clinton demographic. In fact, like many of my peers, I heartily despise her!

Of course, this is not a recent feeling. I’ve pretty much hated Hillary for all of the 20 years that she has been a national figure. I guess it started when she lied to us all on 60 Minutes about her husband’s philandering ways in 1988, and as far as I can tell, she has been lying about pretty much everything else ever since.

You can count me firmly in the 46% of our country in the ABC (Anybody But Clinton) Club, but I haven’t been very vocal about it lately. In the Good Old Days, back in Bill’s administration, I wrote a number of very negative columns about the Clintons. After a while, however, I figured out that all I was doing was pissing off my Democratic friends who had drunk the Clinton Kool-Aid.

I did make one of my rare Clarion formal endorsements in 2000 in favor of her opponent Rick Lazio when she first ran for the U.S. Senate, but even that was fairly mild. Re-reading that today, the toughest argument was: “Do we want our daughters to think that the way to get ahead in politics is to marry the right man and stick with him for political gain no matter how badly he disrespects and embarrasses you? As the father of three daughters, my answer is a resounding no!”

When you strip away all the class warfare rhetoric, the kooky liberal policy positions and the obnoxious campaign tactics, I think this remains the issue that will bring Hillary down. There were many who expected that as soon as Bill left the White House, and Hillary was safely ensconced in the Senate, that papers would be filed in Chappaqua. (As her idol Tammy Wynette spells it, D-I-V-O-R-C-E!)

If she had done that, at least she would have demonstrated a little self-respect. There is a fundamental conflict between Hillary’s posturing as an ardent feminist and her sticking with a proven Horn Dawg. I think it’s called living a lie.

That basic phoniness is something that the average person can pick up on when we see the two together faking marital bliss for the cameras, and its a big turn-off! Has the Clinton marriage always been one of convenience to cover Hillary’s different sexual preference, as some have suggested? I don’t know and I don’t really care, but it clearly has become one in recent years.

If Hillary wants to succeed at the highest level of our nation’s politics she needs to change her theme song. Get rid of “Stand by your man” once and for all, and try something like “I will survive!”

I guess this cartoon from the Financial Times of London (and the article it appeared with) pretty much sums it up: