Shame on you Hillary Clinton!

I think it’s fair to say that as a white, middle-aged, male, heterosexual Republican, I don’t fit into any of the known Pander Zones of the so-called Hillary Clinton demographic. In fact, like many of my peers, I heartily despise her!

Of course, this is not a recent feeling. I’ve pretty much hated Hillary for all of the 20 years that she has been a national figure. I guess it started when she lied to us all on 60 Minutes about her husband’s philandering ways in 1988, and as far as I can tell, she has been lying about pretty much everything else ever since.

You can count me firmly in the 46% of our country in the ABC (Anybody But Clinton) Club, but I haven’t been very vocal about it lately. In the Good Old Days, back in Bill’s administration, I wrote a number of very negative columns about the Clintons. After a while, however, I figured out that all I was doing was pissing off my Democratic friends who had drunk the Clinton Kool-Aid.

I did make one of my rare Clarion formal endorsements in 2000 in favor of her opponent Rick Lazio when she first ran for the U.S. Senate, but even that was fairly mild. Re-reading that today, the toughest argument was: “Do we want our daughters to think that the way to get ahead in politics is to marry the right man and stick with him for political gain no matter how badly he disrespects and embarrasses you? As the father of three daughters, my answer is a resounding no!”

When you strip away all the class warfare rhetoric, the kooky liberal policy positions and the obnoxious campaign tactics, I think this remains the issue that will bring Hillary down. There were many who expected that as soon as Bill left the White House, and Hillary was safely ensconced in the Senate, that papers would be filed in Chappaqua. (As her idol Tammy Wynette spells it, D-I-V-O-R-C-E!)

If she had done that, at least she would have demonstrated a little self-respect. There is a fundamental conflict between Hillary’s posturing as an ardent feminist and her sticking with a proven Horn Dawg. I think it’s called living a lie.

That basic phoniness is something that the average person can pick up on when we see the two together faking marital bliss for the cameras, and its a big turn-off! Has the Clinton marriage always been one of convenience to cover Hillary’s different sexual preference, as some have suggested? I don’t know and I don’t really care, but it clearly has become one in recent years.

If Hillary wants to succeed at the highest level of our nation’s politics she needs to change her theme song. Get rid of “Stand by your man” once and for all, and try something like “I will survive!”

I guess this cartoon from the Financial Times of London (and the article it appeared with) pretty much sums it up:



6 responses to “Shame on you Hillary Clinton!

  1. Are you kidding me?? You, “hate…?” After what your boys have done to our nation for the last seven years, the Democrats could elect a ham sandwich, but trust me, we won’t. I also look forward to your commentary on our recent State Senate victory in the North Country in a gerrymandered Republican District. ??

    Isn’t it interesting that John McCain and Barry Goldwater hail from the same state?

    Your friend, Bob

  2. Corrin,

    I’m not a Hillary supporter either, . . . but COME ON!

    If lying politicians bother you that much, how do you feel about GW Bush?

    And it seems to me that it is really dangerous (and inappropriate) to speculate about the quality of, and motivations for, someone else’s marriage. Is it appropriate to speculate about why Barbara Bush looks so much like GHW Bush’s mother and not his wife?

    There are a lot of legitimate reasons to criticize Hillary Clinton, and I’d be happy to join you in those criticisms. She’s a really easy target for lots of good reasons. But your column completely misses that target.

    Your friend,


  3. Corrin; I must take exception with your Clinton article. I don’t know why people stay married and neither do you!! I also thought that your subtle “hit and run” re Hilary’s sexual orientation was abhorrent. I can see people not wanting to vote for Hilary but I think that the vitriol thrown her way by you and others of your ilk is totally unfair. If you are opposed to liars , what do you think of “W.” who got us into this obscene (and seemingly endless ) Iraq mess?

    Connie English

  4. Take Obama’s lead: don’t rise to the bait she cleverly spreads like bread crumbs on the trail to the White House. This tactic has only increased his support.

    Unlike Obama, Hillary relishes ANY kind of attention – especially controversy. She is acutely aware that press coverage is press coverage and you have, surprisingly given it to her. Like Hillary, you have utilized controversy to gain attention.

    Just let her rip and be Hillary. Every time she tears up, women worldwide recoil in horror. Female professionals of all stripes who have achieved so much in past decades NEVER play the crying card. While Obama eschews getting personal in attacks, I wish he had pointed out that great presidents don’t cry.

    Personally, I think she wants to get back into the White House to finish the job of removing furniture from the place she overlooked when she moved out the last time! So in my mind, there are two solid strikes against her: questionable actions involving both White Water and the White House. A “white out” I say.

  5. Corrin, I’m with you in being firmly opposed to Hillary. I also agree that divorcing slick Willy when she got to the Senate would have been a respectable move. However, I have to concur with the other posts that you could have hammered her on any number of other topics as reasons for disliking her. Further, politicians lie. She is not alone in that at all. For me, one of the biggest strikes against her is her attitude that 50% of the US population is her enemy. I don’t know how many times she has said something about “defeating the Republicans”. Again, she’s not alone in this mindset of fighting the opposite party, but I seem to hear this line of thinking from her more than any of the other candidates. Do any of them consider the fact that they will need to work with the other party if elected to office? Any way, if you write a new article about Hillary, one in which you provide critical insight into her views and actions, I am sure I will read it with glee.

  6. Obviously I hit a nerve with this column, especially when I said that I “hated” Hillary. I admit that is a strong word, but it accurately describe the way I, and I believe many others of my ilk, feel about her.

    Perhaps that surprises people because I’m not generally the hating kind. For instance, I have no such emotion about any of my opponents in the Big Box battle in Geneseo, nor for any other national politician, not even Slick Willy (although I’m not crazy about Mitt Romney). Hillary just has a unique ability to inspire hate, and I don’t think it is just because she is a powerful woman.

    Years ago, I met Congressman Pat Schroeder when she came to town to give the Wadsworth lecture. I think it is fair to say that I didn’t agree with any of her liberal view or policy suggestions, however, I found her to be personally charming and I liked her. (I’m also hoping that McCain will pick Condi Rice for VP!)

    Although I was born 5 years after FDR died, I have heard it said that he and Eleanor were roundly hated by conservative Republicans during their time. I never understood that until Hillary came on the scene.

    I do think it’s interesting, how so many of my critics immediately bring up our current President as an example of politicians who lie. The truth is that George Bush has been strongly hated by many liberals for the last 8 years, but they are usually not willing to admit to that emotion in print.

    I think it is true that many politicians do lie, or at least shade the truth according to what they believe their audience wants to hear. This is perhaps the essence of a a successful politician, something I have never been.

    This, for example, is how Hillary can imply that she is in favor of NAFTA in South Texas but opposed to it in Ohio. This is SOP for politicians and I don’t hate her for that.

    There is a difference, however, between strategic lying and even habitual lying, and living a lie, which was the main point of the article.

    Readers should understand, however, that this piece was not written as a political attack to hurt Hillary’s campaign. I wrote it simply to explain one of the big (and perhaps unspoken) reasons why she is losing her nomination fight.

    I wrote it now because it has become obvious to me that Obama (who I happen to like personally, even though his ideas are even kookier that Hillary’s) is going to win the nomination.

    I actually believe that my suggestion that she lose the bum is good political advice. I’m only afraid that she might take it and come back stronger in 2012! See the cartoon I posted this morning at the end of the main article.

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