Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

Now the “fun” begins!

Hillary Clinton’s “comeback” “victories” in Super Tuesday II now set the stage for an historic opportunity for the Republican Party. I put quotes around those two words because, first, Clinton had been ahead in both Texas and Ohio polls for most of the last year, and secondly, it remains to be seen whether she will actually pick up any net gain in delegates on the night due to the arcane rules of proportional representation.

Even conceding her Pennsylvania and a few of the other remaining states, it is clear that under the existing rules of the Democratic Party, Obama will end the primary season with a substantial lead in elected delegates. So what do you do if you are a Clinton and you have lost? Change the rules of course!

For some time, the Clinton camp has been beating the drum about allowing delegates from Florida and Michigan to be seated at the Democratic Convention, despite the fact that no candidates ran a campaign in those states and Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan! One solution being proposed is to hold a do-over in those state, but the negotiations over whether to hold a primary or a caucus will be difficult.

Obama clearly prefers caucuses, which are also much less expensive because they are mostly run by the party. Primary elections in a large state can cost millions of dollars because of all the election workers and officials that must be paid by the taxpayers. As a Florida or Michigan taxpayer I would certainly object to paying for two primaries in the same election cycle!

Of course there are lots of other ways to steal a nomination involving skullduggery among the so-called Super Delegates. If that happens, it will create the most massive disillusion with the political process since the 1960s. All the young Obamadudes (and dudettes) will see their hopes and dreams swallowed whole by the cynical Clinton Machine.

What is making Republicans lick their chops, however, is the possibility of a historic realignment of the black vote. The Democrats headlock on this constituency has been the only thing keeping the battleground states competitive. Without black voters reliably breaking over 90 per cent for the Democratic candidate, the Republicans should be able to win Ohio, Missouri, Florida and others in a cakewalk, turning the Electoral College into the Red Sea.

McCain can cinch this deal simply by naming a black Republican for the V.P. slot. Condi or Colin will do, although there may be others. Of course, for this strategy to succeed Obama must also refuse the Dem’s V.P. nomination. That wouldn’t seem to be a problem considering the bad blood that is rapidly accumulating between the two camps.

Watching this historic showdown is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It is clear that Hillary is willing to say or do anything in her pursuit of ultimate power, even destroy the historic Democratic coalition . It couldn’t happen to nicer people.