Now the “fun” begins!

Hillary Clinton’s “comeback” “victories” in Super Tuesday II now set the stage for an historic opportunity for the Republican Party. I put quotes around those two words because, first, Clinton had been ahead in both Texas and Ohio polls for most of the last year, and secondly, it remains to be seen whether she will actually pick up any net gain in delegates on the night due to the arcane rules of proportional representation.

Even conceding her Pennsylvania and a few of the other remaining states, it is clear that under the existing rules of the Democratic Party, Obama will end the primary season with a substantial lead in elected delegates. So what do you do if you are a Clinton and you have lost? Change the rules of course!

For some time, the Clinton camp has been beating the drum about allowing delegates from Florida and Michigan to be seated at the Democratic Convention, despite the fact that no candidates ran a campaign in those states and Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan! One solution being proposed is to hold a do-over in those state, but the negotiations over whether to hold a primary or a caucus will be difficult.

Obama clearly prefers caucuses, which are also much less expensive because they are mostly run by the party. Primary elections in a large state can cost millions of dollars because of all the election workers and officials that must be paid by the taxpayers. As a Florida or Michigan taxpayer I would certainly object to paying for two primaries in the same election cycle!

Of course there are lots of other ways to steal a nomination involving skullduggery among the so-called Super Delegates. If that happens, it will create the most massive disillusion with the political process since the 1960s. All the young Obamadudes (and dudettes) will see their hopes and dreams swallowed whole by the cynical Clinton Machine.

What is making Republicans lick their chops, however, is the possibility of a historic realignment of the black vote. The Democrats headlock on this constituency has been the only thing keeping the battleground states competitive. Without black voters reliably breaking over 90 per cent for the Democratic candidate, the Republicans should be able to win Ohio, Missouri, Florida and others in a cakewalk, turning the Electoral College into the Red Sea.

McCain can cinch this deal simply by naming a black Republican for the V.P. slot. Condi or Colin will do, although there may be others. Of course, for this strategy to succeed Obama must also refuse the Dem’s V.P. nomination. That wouldn’t seem to be a problem considering the bad blood that is rapidly accumulating between the two camps.

Watching this historic showdown is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It is clear that Hillary is willing to say or do anything in her pursuit of ultimate power, even destroy the historic Democratic coalition . It couldn’t happen to nicer people.

10 responses to “Now the “fun” begins!

  1. What is it about a disapproval rate in the 60s that you don’t understand? The American people will sweep out the leadership which brought us this economy, these wars and this exceedingly unhealthy political alliance with corporate America. It is the desire for change which is motivating Democrats to turn out in record numbers as much or more than individual candidates. Have you met a single person who currently supports Clinton or Obama who will vote for McCain (W Light) if their candidate loses? Dream on, my friend.

  2. Great minds think alike! I received a lot of heat last week for suggesting that Hillary should dump Bill, and now today that great Hillary supporter Ann Coulter has endorsed my idea. Remember you heard it here first!

  3. Bill Clinton may have left office on a high note, but legislation he signed in 1993 (NAFTA) has set the stage for our current economic down-turn. Talk about an unhealthy political alliance with corporate America…President Clinton’s North American Free-Trade Agreement affords Big Business special rights and provisions above and beyond the rights of others-like us!

    Luckily for the Clinton administration, it would take a few years for the ill effects of this flawed legislation to come to light. Now, 15 years later, the economic ramifications have fallen squarely onto the heads of the Bush administration. Instead of raising the standard of living and creating high paying jobs, we are now left with a lower standard of living and a lack of good paying jobs….and it’s all George Bush’s fault?

    PS (I’m supporting Obama, but if he doesn’t get the nomination, I will vote for McCain)

  4. I agree entirely! In fact I’ve been in Austin, Texas since Tuesday and spoke with one of my Texas colleagues who was at one of the local caucuses and met alot of republicans who were voting for Hillary feeling that our chances of beating her are pretty good. For those of us who have worked hard to get where we are don’t want to have to give more that the approximately 40% we now hand over to the government. I had dinner with my friend Tom Reynolds last week in DC and he agrees with my fiscal worries should the Dems have total control. Right now 40% of tax filers pay 0 taxes, with another 10% paying almost nothing and with those of us in the top 5% paying well over 50% of all Federal Taxes paid. Saw a great bumper sticker in Alabama – “Piss off a liberal – work hard – be successful – be happy!”

  5. I’m with you, Margaret, although I am certain there will be a strong write-in vote for the candidate we are all talking about, “None of the Above” as President.

    The Clintons surely showed the iron fist in the velvet glove during the kitchen sink debacle. With a not so educated public these days, enough people to push her over the top fell for it.

    On NAFTA, Hillary acts as if she doesn’t even remember that her boy Bill had something to do with it – along with sending sensitive aircraft manufacture to China. They gave away the candy store during their administration.

  6. Mr. Kelley,

    What percentage of US total income goes to the top 5% of income earners? What percentage of the total wealth in this country is controlled by the top 5% of income earners?

    When you know the answer to those questions, you’ll know why the top 5% of income earners pay over 50% of income taxes, and why they should pay even more (if fairness is of any concern in our tax system).

    It’s really quite simple. The rich pay most of the taxes because they have most of the money.



  7. Jim,
    Here are some of Berstein’s recent findings.
    December 13, 2007 | EPI Issue Brief #239
    Updated CBO data reveal unprecedented increase in inequality
    by Jared Bernstein

    The increase in income inequality (both pre- and post-tax) as measured by the change in the shares of income going to different income classes, was greater from 2003 to 2005 than over any other two-year period covered by the CBO data. Over these years, an amazing $400 billion in pre-tax dollars was shifted from the bottom 95% of households to those in the top 5% (all income data in this report are inflation adjusted and in 2005 dollars). In other words, had income shares not shifted as they did, the income of each of the 109 million households in the bottom 95% would have been $3,660 higher in 2005.
    Before the current problems in housing and financial markets developed, the overall economy grew solidly over this recovery, with notably strong productivity growth. As the CBO data reveal, aggregate household income grew $1.1 trillion in the 2003-05 period (see appendix table). But these gains have failed to flow broadly throughout the income scale, and the extent of their concentration at the top of the income scale is historically unique. Just under two-thirds (63%) of the gain in household income from 2003 to 2005 went to just 5% of the nation?s wealthiest households.

    Check out

  8. Re: Now the Fun begins—5 th paragraph

    Stealing a nomination by super delegates is a venial sin compared to Florida’s recount disaster in 2000 and the subsequent seating of a president by the Supreme Court!

  9. For those interested in data, the most recent data on consume income, income distribution, poverty, and access to health insurance can be found at

    Kind Regards


  10. Corrin,

    I’ve truly enjoyed your insight concerning the PDDG, and all things Geneseo, but frankly your recent entrance into the national political arena is making me consider removing my name. As a “republicrat” I vote issues, not party lines. And as for all of the Hillary-Haters, I’ve got three lines fer ya: … a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt (I believe she was a Democrat)… “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

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