Daily Archives: June 2, 2008

My miracle cure

Does this sound familiar?

1. You have debilitating pain in your muscles or joints that limits your activity level.

2. You try rest, ice and over-the-counter pills but the problem persists.

3. You go to the doctor and get a prescription for a pain killer, muscle relaxant or anti-inflammatory medication that makes you feel better but doesn’t get rid of the underlying problem.

4. You go to a physical therapist who teaches you how to stretch, but the problem gets worse not better.

5. You take up yoga, pilates, or low impact sports like swimming and biking but still the pain persists.

6. You become depressed and begin to think that you will never regain full function and normal activity.

Welcome to my world for the last 6 months! Last November I noticed a pain in my right groin that persisted for more than a few weeks. The pain gradually grew more intense to the point where I could not sleep on my right side.

The pain seemed to jump around and I began to become concerned about arthritis of the hip. In January I had hip and foot x-rays which luckily showed only minor problems. During this time I continued to play basketball 2 or 3 times a week, but had to purchase more and more Velcro braces as the pain began to migrate down my leg.

In April, I began work on a major construction project at my house which involved the hardest physical labor that I’ve done since I gave up farming 15 years ago. It didn’t take long for my right knee to start barking so loudly that I had to give up basketball. Every time I tried to pivot off my right leg I had sharp pain and felt like my knee was going to give out.

I continued to work with the help of a large knee brace, prescription Mobic and icing my throbbing right leg and knee for hours every night. Then after a particularly heavy day of carpentry work three weeks ago, I found I could hardly stand or walk the next day. Everything in my right leg hurt: the groin muscles down the inside of my leg to my knee, the IT band on the outside of my leg and especially my quadriceps in the center of my thigh.

I was one hurting monkey! During this entire time, against the advice of my medical professionals, I continued to scour the Internet looking for cures. About two weeks ago I discovered a book called “The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook” by Clair Davies. At this point I was truly desperate so I ordered a copy.

The book arrived last Wednesday. That night I found the chapter on leg pain and did a few of the massages it recommended, no more than 10 minutes worth. On Thursday morning I woke up pain-free for the first time in six months!

Over the weekend the pain returned periodically in a much milder form. I continued to read the book and expand the time spent and number of trigger-point massages I gave myself. On Sunday, I felt so good that I ventured on to the tennis court for the first time in six weeks. (Just to play it safe, I made sure it was a clay court!)

I played an hour of tennis and felt great afterwards! Today I worked another full day of construction without incident. For the past five days I’ve been telling everybody who will listen about my miracles cure. Today I convinced my friend Fred at Sundance Books to order a few copies of the book in.

I won’t go into the theory of the treatment, except to say that it is not a holistic approach. It is based on scientific medical evidence and has no close relationship to acupuncture (about which I know nothing). If you have a serious problem with muscle or joint pain, and especially if you been told you need surgery or a replacement joint, I would strongly urge you to purchase this book and try the trigger point method first. It performed miracles for me, and I bet it could do the same for you!

P.S. The construction project I’ve been working on is building my own Har-Tru clay tennis court in my backyard. For a while I wondered if I would ever be able to use the court when it was finished. Today I am looking forward to playing on it this coming Sunday! This Saturday, June 7, I have invited some friends and neighbors in for an Old-Fashioned Tennis Court Raising to finish the court. If you are interested in participating drop me a line for details.