Astrologically speaking

I’m enough of a child of the 1960s to have imbibed a fair amount of astrological theory and I’ve always found it to be helpful in explaining the operation of the real world. I am not referring to the silly horoscopes that run in the daily paper, nor do I go for extensive over-analysis, such as calculating what house the planet Neptune was in at the moment of birth.

I’m somewhere in the middle. I have found that people born under the same sun sign do seem to have common personality traits, much more often than random chance would suggest. I don’t know how that happens, but it does.

For instance, I am a Sagittarius (The Archer), and as most people who study the subject know, Sagittarians were put on this earth for only one purpose: to drive everybody else crazy! I rest my case.

For the past few months, the blogosphere has been filled with rumors about where Barack Obama was actually born and whether he is even an American citizen and eligible to serve as our next President. (Fellow Presidential candidate Alan Keyes recently filed a lawsuit over it.) Although Obama’s place of birth may be in dispute, no one (as far as I know) has yet disputed his birth date of August 4, 1961.

Personally, I am less concerned about his citizenship, or any of his other questionable associations, than I am about his membership in the House of Leo. I don’t want to speak ill of my fellow fire signs, Leo (The Lion) can be a great friend and a boon companion. If members of that sign bear a common failing, however, it is that they seem to believe that the sun rises just for them every day.

According to Wikipedia, here are a few of the other negatives traits that are sometimes found in the Leo personality: loves attention, bossy, dogmatic and argumentative. These can best be summed up as a tendency toward arrogance, that I think has long been on display in our President-elect.

To start with, how many people do you know who at age 47 have already written two autobiographies? The title of Obama’s second version even includes the word “Audacity”, which in my view, pretty well sums up his personality. Of course, the Jewish people have another word for that, “Chutzpah”, and it is not necessarily a bad thing for a politician to have a little of it, but I worry.

I say this, not to take a cheap shot at our next leader, but for all our sakes. As a member of the Loyal Opposition, I sincerely hope he has a successful term in office. (But not so successful that he has a second term!)

I say this only to warn what we need to be on guard against. The unfortunate tendency of a Leo, when faced with a problem that they do not know how to deal with, is to try and bluff their way through. (Our last Leo President was Bill Clinton –need I say more?). This can sometimes work in your weekly poker game, but can be extremely dangerous when the fate of the world is at stake.

I worry that Mr. Obama, in order to make up for his acknowledged lack of foreign policy experience and his perceived weakness on defense, may go too far in the other direction. If he overreacts to try to prove his mettle he could turn what should be a minor conflict into a major conflagration.

Of course there is a wide variation among Leos. A few of the worst perhaps were Fidel Castro, Yassar Arafat, Benito Mussolini and Napoleon. (In fact, what is a Napoleon Complex but the Leo personality run amok?)

On the other hand, we’ve also have had some pretty wild Lions like Davey Crockett, Annie Oakley, Mick Jagger and Leo “The Lip” Durocher. It should be an interesting four years!

2 responses to “Astrologically speaking

  1. I too find it interesting how common traits show up again and again in people who were born under the same astrological sign. That being said, every sign has bad traits that I would not like to see in a president. How about the words “moody”, “devious”, and “insecure” all used to describe Cancers like our current president George W. Bush? Or how about “tempermental” “impatient” and “careless” which are attributed to Sagittarians like Zachary Taylor, Martin Van Buren, and you, my darling father.
    There are two sides to every coin and just as a Sagittarian can also be witty, intelligent and sympathetic, so too can a Leo be noble, generous and faithful.

  2. As a Capricorn, it’s difficult to be anything but capricious. Many assign qualities to Capricorns such as extraordinary mathematic skills that have nothing to do with me. The only sign I operate under these days is “rooms for rent.” These are tough times that will, no doubt, bring out some of the less utilized of the astrological characteristics attributed to us in newspapers and by mysterious women who operate under neon signs promising insight. Now on the internet is one Madame Lichtenstein’s Cosmic World where the seer has taken on all of the presidential and vice presidential candidates for your edification and enjoyment. Having been born just a hair (no musical pun intended) earlier than that legendary time in the US “when the moon [was] in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars…,” I was doomed to live through it with equal portions of patience and dread that seem to summarize Corrin’s current situation. His native time period was full of uncertainty and uncertain leaders yet it brought forth the Seer of the clan Strong. Mme Lichtenstein has assigned many positive qualities to Barack Obama. Perhaps the President-elect will turn out as well as did Corrin. He is also intelligent and well spoken. Stay tuned.

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