Shock and awe

I took a week off from my column last week for a couple reasons. Yes, it’s true as some suspect, that wearing the twin new hats of Tennis Impresario and Budding Farmer, has soaked up a lot of my time for planning the upcoming seasons. More to the point, however, my writer’s block was occasioned by the audacity of President Obama’s speech to Congress last week.

After listening to his plan to increase taxes, social spending and environmental regulation during the worst recession of my lifetime, I am driven to one of two conclusions. Either the man is totally clueless or he is intentionally seeking to destroy what is left of our private economy.

Not being the paranoid type, I prefer to think it is the former. At least then there is a possibility that he will eventually see the error of his ways and change his tactics. If he truly is bent on destroying our country than God help us!

What is clear is that Obama seems incapable of moving from campaign mode to governing mode. He continues to jet around the country and give speeches in a frenzied manner as if the mid-term elections were next week. This alone is very unsettling, not to mention a big waste of energy.

In addition, despite his talk of bi-partisanship, he continues to have his minions demonize any who would dare to raise their voices in dissent of his Grand Scheme. His Enemy List started last fall with Joe the Plumber, and now includes CNBC’s Rick Santelli and Rush Limbaugh.

Notice that none of these are public office holders or officers in an opposition party. They are merely private citizens who, like millions of us, can’t take the insanity any more. I didn’t like it when Nixon took this route and I don’t like it any better today.

When Obama was elected I wrote in this column that I wished him well, but not well enough to be re-elected. Although that was intended as a mild joke, predictably it drew serious criticism from my liberal friends. If Obama succeeds it must be good for the country so why wouldn’t you want to see him re-elected?, they asked.

I let that go, but now the whole argument is being replayed over Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments. People that believe that Rush (or I) want the country to fail are the same people who were willing to believe that McCain wanted to keep the Iraq War going for 100 years. They are only willing to listen to half the argument.

Since I am busy with other things, I will quote from brother David Limbaugh to explain what Rush meant:

“(Rush’s) meaning was very clear. He believes that Obama is trying to restructure America in the image of the central planners and social nihilists: a radical growth in government and consequent reduction in the private sector and individual liberty, a radical relaxation in the war on terror and other national security imperatives, a radical push to diminish American sovereignty in favor of global entities on environmental matters and in deference to United Nations mandates on such distinctly internal matters as how parents raise their children, a radical empowerment of labor unions, a radical boost to the radical pro-abortion industry and death culture, a radical homosexual agenda, and, ultimately, the abject bankruptcy of America.”

O.K. Leaving out abortion and homosexuality, which no one will ever agree on, that’s pretty much how I feel. If those are in fact Obama’s goals, I want him to fail at every one of them! To conclude from that, that I want the country to fail, however, is to believe that the only way to save the country is to embark on this radical transformation of our traditional economic system. I certainly don’t believe that.

There is a tried and true method for getting out of these recessions. It is to cut taxes and let the capitalist pigs do what they do best, make money! It worked for Reagan after the years of Carter malaise, and it worked for JFK to break us out of the 1950s doldrums. It can work again, if Obama would only tone down his dream list of things we can’t afford right now, like socialized medicine, subsidized alternative energy and free college tuition for everybody.

There I feel better now!

3 responses to “Shock and awe

  1. Now we wait and see if Rush Limbaugh receives the same treatment that Natalie Maines received when she critcized George “W” Bush. The Dixie Chicks, private citizens like Rush, were slaughtered for their “free speech” opinions. Notice that the Chicks are not public office holders or officers in an opposition party. But, will Rush suffer the same criticism? Doubtful. His mouth is larger that Natalie’s and the big mouths usually suffer less. The end game for Rush is controvery and more money. The end game for Natalie Maines was an honest opinion that brought censure and less money.
    There. I feel better now, too.

  2. Greg and Corrin – quit kicking up the dust so I can read your posts. I am, as you know, a Republicrat. We are centrists without a party but we would rather be in one camp than be an independent nothing. I voted for Obama. I am happy about some things; unhappy about many others.

    What were fiscal conservatives in Congress and the Senate thinking during the waning days of the Bush Administration? Both Republicans and Democrats have thrown good money freely at bad banks – no strings. Did they honestly think that the banks would make a loan like that to them? Banks ask how and when we will pay them back. They require collateral and they impose a payback timeline of their choosing. They would question how we were going to set things up so that they got their money back.

    Congress and the Senate did not even attempt to duplicate the best practices of a lending institution to protect you and me. So a pox on both houses headed by Bush and Obama.

    Now for the first weeks of the Obama Administration: Hang on. I am getting to my point. The carefully coiffed and meticulously manicured Nancy Pelosi was a major the cog in the wheel here. SHE, not the President did not include Republicans in a bi-partisan way to create the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act; she pushed on ahead without them and apparently did so without many other Dems as well. She was out to let that new Obama kid on the block know just who had power and moxie and that it was located under the capitol dome not near the White House party facility.

    I wish it were as simple as blaming the head of Company USA which, under the law, is what is done. President Obama’s first mistake was hiring Rahm Emanuel. Next to Nancy Pelosi there is no greater threat to cohesive bipartisan functioning than he.

    He is not billed by the White House press office as being that – no- quite the opposite. He kind of functions to Obama as Rasputin to the Czar of all the Russias. Raum’s hiring was a key watershed moment for me. It is when the iron fist protruded from the velvet gloved. I see class warfare written all over this Administration.

    President Obama is moving too fast. Individuals who behave in this fashion are diagnosed Manic Depressive. Haste makes waste and I don’t want the entire medical infrastructure of this nation so quickly and summarily handled. At the very least we should end up with a partnership between the Government and the private sector.

    It’s also interesting what happens when the tide of the news coverage turns against the President. You then see lots of pictures of his daughters and also of his wife doing her volunteer work among the agencies of the US Government. Someone must have left a copy of the Government Manual in the family quarters for her.

    My final point: Obama had a very slick internet communications operation. Guess what, he still does and he is constantly using it to bring home the bacon in his bills by keeping his followers whipped up. I don’t like the fact that there is a White House Website but also a Barack Obama site. It is kind of like continuing your private club membership once you have stopped playing tennis. You are right, Corrin. The campaign continues.

    So now the bloom is off the rose and I am back to my belief that it really doesn’t matter who is in office, the country has been set up by the original clockmaker and is running on its own – badly. The character actors on radio don’t help. I don’t feel so good.

  3. I am a registered Republican. I voted for George W and I voted for Obama. Rather than voting party lines, which I think is absurd, I vote based upon who I think is the best candidate for the job.
    The economy did not go down the tubes overnight. It will not be fixed overnight. I think Obama has a much better approach to repairing our economic situation that Bush’s “do nothing” philosophy.
    All newly elected presidents do some post election campaigning simply to fortify their popularity. Obama is no different. Still, I am glad that I voted for him as I think he has a better vision for the future than McCain and, exclusive of Nancy Pelosi, I think he is trying to unify both parties and the country.
    When Bush was in office, all of my local buddies, who are Republicans, said it did not matter who was president, Congress ran the country. Now, that a Obama is president, all of a sudden HE runs the country. Interesting change in my friends’ philosophy.

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