The next step

Sorry I missed a week there, but I’ve been busy moving my Genesee Graphics business off of Main Street and back home for a time. It’s amazing how much junk you can accumulate in a small office. I threw a lot out but I still have my garage full of desks and other furniture that won’t fit into my new 200 square foot home office.

Still, I was able to stuff three desks, four computers and one color copier into my new digs in the former Gerald R. Ford dog room. The room was named for the former President after he requested a private place to rest his knees between giving the first Wadsworth lecture in 1989 and the reception that followed. Apparently his old football injuries were taking a toll.

The room had been mainly used up to then as a place to keep my mother’s dogs, although it had obviously been originally designed to serve as an office, complete with its own entrance off the circle. In more recent years it has served as a place to put stuff you didn’t know what to do with, but didn’t want to throw away –kind of a downstairs attic.

I wanted to stay on Main Street but there really wasn’t anything available right now that I cared to rent. I will keep watching, and if the right opportunity arises, will return downtown. In the meantime, we will continue to service the many clients who have relied on us to do their graphic and web design, printing and copies and hopefully find some new ones!

The office will be open by appointment only. Walk-in traffic will be eliminated,  but that was never a big part of the business anyway. I will still be out and about visiting clients or just give me a call on my cell if you need something –or better yet, send me an e-mail at

It will certainly be more convenient having the business on the property so I can be closer to my farm and the tennis club. That 3-minute commute to town was killing me and the cost savings are considerable too. For starters there’s no rent and no need to staff the office full time.

With my long-time employee Vera Gleason still recuperating from her long hospital stay, I really did not want to hire and train anyone new. But who knows? By the time Vera is able to return, I may be back on Main Street. I really don’t want to unpack all these boxes anyway!

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