The Clarion Call is an award winning* column of humor and opinion written by Corrin Strong of Geneseo, New York. The column appeared weekly  in the Lake and Valley Clarion newspaper for almost 18 years. Since the closing of the newspaper in March of 2007 the column has appeared exclusively online although at steadily decreasing intervals.

Corrin’s greatest hits from 1989-2002 have been collected in the book “Writing for Myself (and ticking everyone else off)” Volume 2 is expected to be published posthumously.

Corrin appeared on WYSL radio to talk about the Clarion Call Blog site. Click here to hear the 15 minute interview with David W. Parish. In 2007 Corrin ran an Independent campaign for Geneseo Town Supervisor on the Geneseo First line. During the campaign he wrote a regular campaign blog called Happy Trails, which remains online for historical purposes.

* No Kidding! Corrin won 3rd place in the New York Press Association’s statewide contest for Best Humor Column in 2003.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your articles for a n umber of years. As graduate of SUC Geneseo Names and places are familiar to me. My grandfather was town clerk in Groveland for may years and all my relatives were graduates of the OLpd groveland school. Keep us the interesting articles and the memories they ..rekindle

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